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  1.   Copper with antlers small 

    This is a painting of Copper -  a watercolour portrait I painted for a customer who bought it as a Christmas present.  

    Very sadly, Copper has died since I completed the painting.  He looks lovely doesn't he? 

       Reese painting small ...And this is Reese, another painting for the same customer.  Lovely colours, a joy to paint!
  2. Last week I completed what was rather an unusal assignment - painting a logo on the large, heavy canvas awning outside 'The Butcher's Dog' micropub in Driffield.  This was something of a challenge for me; it's so far away from my usual style and method of painting.  I can't take any credit for the design though, I just had to copy it from the existing pub logo.

    The friendly folk of Driffield are not known for holding back their opinions and wisecracks, so I came in for my fair share of comments while I was painting 'on site', but my favourite was from a little girl who looked up and announced loudly:  "It's a horsey!"   Maybe I should stick to the day job!


    butcherss dog

  3. I had such a good time at Burton Agnes Hall last month that I leapt at the chance of a return visit this month when the booked artist cancelled.  This visit will coincide with the Gardeners' Fair (11th-12th June) in the grounds of the hall,  so if the fine weather holds till then it should be great!

    Meanwhile I'm putting in some long days of painting; I'm working on four pet portraits which need to be completed in the next few days, so that's keeping me indoors - unfortunately I'm missing all the lovely sunshine!